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African mint

African mint

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Mint is a very low-maintenance plant, making it perfect for beginner gardeners! 


This African mint produces a fresh and spear minty flavour.


Simply harvest sprigs of young leaves regularly to encourage bushy growth, cut back after flowering and water if necessary in summer.



Water newly planted mint regularly for at least the first few months. 


For plenty of new young leaves, make sure mint doesn’t get too thirsty in hot, dry weather.


Plants in containers can dry out quickly, so water them regularly throughout the growing season. 



Mint thrives in most soil types, in sun or light shade, and usually forms large leafy clumps up to 1m (3.3ft) tall and wide.



Mint plants have a humidity sweet spot that's neither a desert nor a swamp. Aim for a 40-50% range to keep your mint happy.

Plant type


Herbaceous perennial. 

Pet and baby safe?





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