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Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

SKU: 178080507051

The Bird of Paradise rank among most houseplant fans' favorites due to the remarkable size of their rich foliage. 

Choose a location for your Bird of Paradise away from air vents and drafts where the plant will get at least four hours of southern, western, or eastern exposure. Though they can tolerate medium light conditions, the Bird of Paradise will not thrive long-term without adequate sunlight, so we always recommend placing them in bright light. Trim away older leaves on the Bird of Paradise, as they droop over time and develop more splits. New leaves always emerge from the center and keep the plant full and balanced.

Birds of Paradise enjoy moist (but not soggy) soil, and being allowed to dry out slightly between waterings. Try not to let the soil dry completely through the pot, but also avoid overwatering. In the winter months, Bird of Paradise go into a "resting phase" and require less water as well as to be kept away from any dry heat sources.

Rotate your plant periodically to ensure even growth on all sides and don't be afraid to prune discolored or broken leaves. It is important to dust the leaves of Bird of Paradise plants often so the plant can photosynthesize efficiently.



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