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Cornflower (mixed)

Cornflower (mixed)

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The cornflower blooms resemble miniature carnations and are easy to grow.


They come from European and Asian pastures and was largely eradicated in its natural habitat by the use of modern herbicides.


Mature plants will reach a height of up to 48 inches, and a spread of 12 inches wide in all growing zones. Dense blooms last from spring through midsummer.




Cornflower needs the equivalent of 1 inch of water per week, especially during the hottest months of July and August.


Allow the soil to dry slightly in between waterings, but don't let it dry completely or the plant will flop. If this happens, a good, thorough drink will usually perk it up.




Cornflower prefers full sun but it will tolerate a bit of shade in the afternoon, especially during the dog days of summer.


Shady conditions all day cause the plant to grow leggy and prone to flopping.




When it comes to temperature, cornflower tolerates both a light freeze as well as a hot summer day. They grow best with an average humidity range of 30% to 50%.


Keep a close eye on your garden during humid spells, though, as this plant is susceptible to fungal disease under these conditions.


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