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Gasteria Minima (Ox Tongue)

Gasteria Minima (Ox Tongue)

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This succulent is an aloe-like plant, native to South America. It gets its nickname, 'Ox Tongue', due to its long leaves and rough texture. 


Some species of Gasteria also have leaves marked with interesting patterns and colours. And, from the winter to spring, mature plants can grow tubular, curved flowers. 


Gasteria is quite a slow grower and most varieties will stay compact in size.



Like most succulents, Gasteria's don't need too much water. You can let the soil dry out between watering to avoid overwatering. 


To avoid root rot, make sure your plant sits in well-draining soil. 


If you're keeping yours outside, it'll probably get enough water from rainfall alone. Just make sure water doesn't sit on its leaves for long as this can cause them to rot.




These plants enjoy bright light but avoid putting them in a spot with harsh, direct sunlight. 


If its leaves turn yellow or white, your plant might be getting too much sun!


Temperature and humidity


Gasteria likes warm summers and slightly cool winters. Frost can be deadly to them, so make sure you bring them indoors if there's a risk of frost. 


Most succulents don't like living somewhere very humid, so keep this plant out of bathrooms. 


Plant type


Perennial, succulent.


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