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Hylotelephium telephioides (Allegheny stonecrop)

Hylotelephium telephioides (Allegheny stonecrop)

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Hylotelephium telephioides is a succulent plant. It has a short rootstock that grows a cluster of fleshy stems with green or yellow-green leaves. 


The stem can grow up to 1 metre tall. Its flowers are star-shaped (up to 1.5 cm across) and appear in dense clusters in autumn. The flowers have white or slightly pink petals. 




The best way to water Hylotelephium telephioides is using the 'soak and dry' method. This means getting the soil completely wet and waiting until it's dry before watering again.




This succulent grows best in full sun. It tolerates light to partial shade in hot summer climates. But it'll put out weak, floppy growth if grown in too much shade.


Ideally, Hylotelephium telephioides should be planted in a spot in your garden that gets six hours of sunlight a day.




Enjoys high humidity levels. 


Plant type


Succulent, flower


Pet and baby safe?


Hylotelephium telephioides can be mildly toxic to humans and animals.



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