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When properly grown, ivy can make for a wonderful trailing plant, climbing plant, and even indoor topiary.

The artificially warmed, dry air found in most heated homes as well as cool air-conditioned environments are not ideal for ivy.

To grow healthy ivy provide it with cool nights and moist, humid conditions. Remember to frequently mist your indoor ivy for best results, especially during dry winters. 

In both winter and summer, ivy requires bright light. That being said, you should avoid exposing the vines to direct sunlight in summer, when the weather is already hot and the strong sun could burn the foliage. In winter, plants can accept a bit of direct sunlight, such as when placed in south-facing windows.

Ivy does not like to be soaking wet or waterlogged; it doesn't like dry soil either. It can tolerate minimal drought-like conditions but will produce the most vibrant color in evenly moist soil.



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