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Pelargoniums, commonly known as ‘geraniums’, are very ornamental perennial plants producing lots of extremely colourful flowers for months on end. Some start to flower in spring, but mainly from early June to the first severe frosts of autumn. If grown indoors they can flower all year round.

The vast majority of pelargoniums need a position in full sun, but if grown indoors they are happy with some shade. To flower profusely, they need a fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Although generally drought tolerant, pelargoniums growing in the ground may need a thorough watering once a week or so, especially during prolonged dry periods.In containers, water more regularly, especially in summer, to keep the compost evenly moist but not overly wet or waterlogged. Do not allow the plants to sit in water. During late autumn and winter, water sparingly – plants may need less frequent watering depending on the temperature and growing conditions.

To keep plants flowering profusely, deadhead them regularly to remove the faded flowers, by tracing the flower stem to where it joins the main plant and carefully snapping it off.



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