Red Hill Tradescantia

Red Hill Tradescantia

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Tradescantia do best in bright, but indirect sunlight. You want to provide your plant with enough light to keep its color and flower. But be careful with too much direct light. Their delicate leaves burn easily in too much sun. The ideal location is an east or west-facing window. This gives your plant enough light in the morning or late afternoon, and plenty of bright indirect light the rest of the day. 

Tradescantias don’t like their soil to be completely dry for too long. So remind yourself to water regularly. Try to keep the soil evenly moist; at the same time, they don’t like to be in soaking wet soil for too long. This means fast-draining soil, and a pot with drainage holes. Water thoroughly when the top of the soil is dry.

If you want to keep your plant happy, you need to make sure it gets its fair share of humidity. The leaves will turn brown, and shrivel up if the humidity is too low.



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