Tradescantia Flumensis

Tradescantia Flumensis

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Tradescantia Flumensis are very easy to grow plants and give an ideal splash of color to every house. Although it will survive in medium light locations, Tradescantia Flumensis actually prefers a well-lit spot with at least some direct sunlight (the scorching afternoon sun might be a little too much – morning or evening sun is ideal). They will lose their lovely coloration and revert to mostly green when deprived of light.

Although Tradescantia fluminensis needs moist soil to thrive it does not appreciate wet feet, which means a well-draining soil type is in order. They will actually not mind being forgotten or overwatered from time to time as long as it doesn't become a habit. It will let its leaves hang limp when thirsty but perks right back up when supplied with a few sips of water.



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