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Window box Geranium (large)

Window box Geranium (large)

SKU: 179740155230

These pelargoniums are commonly found in borders and containers. They produce beautiful, vivid pink, orange, red or mauve flowers. 


They're not hardy but can be overwintered in frost-free conditions. 


If kept on a sunny windowsill or in a heated conservatory, they can flower almost all year round!




They're not too thirsty, so make sure their soil doesn't get too wet! Give them a good drink during the spring and summer, and sparingly in winter. 


If you're keeping your geranium indoors in the summer, make sure you open a window or vent to provide good air flow. 




Full, midday sun can scorch their leaves. So make sure you put them in a spot with bright, indirect light. 




Rust (a fungal disease) can develop on the underside of leaves and cause yellow spots on the surface of leaves. 


To avoid this, make sure there's good air circulation around the plant. And keep them somewhere without too much humidity or overcrowding. 


Plant type


Evergreen half-hardy perennials or shrubs


Pet and baby safe?


No, to humans. Mildly toxic to animals. 



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