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Aloe Nobilis Mature (Golden Toothed Aloe)

Aloe Nobilis Mature (Golden Toothed Aloe)

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Aloe Nobilis is a striking, easy-to-grow Aloe. It's a close cousin to the Aloe Vera plant but grows much thicker, fleshier foliage. You can also see small, spiky teeth down the edges of its leaves!


This plant grows in clumps and forms offshoots to form a thick cluster of rosettes. And, during the summer, Aloe Nobilis forms stunning orange and red flowers, which shoot up on panicles (a loose branching cluster of flowers). 




Water this plant moderately during its growing season and very little when it's dormant. 


Aloe Nobilis are drought-resistant, so can tolerate being forgotten about from time to time!




This plant will do best in full sun or light shade. 


If put in a spot with full sun, the leaves will turn a striking bright orange colour. If in light shade, the leaves will stay a vibrant green. 




This plant's been known to survive temperatures as low as minus three degrees, so it'd fare well in a UK garden.


Plant type


Cactus, succulent.


Pet and baby safe?




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