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Baby's Tears

Baby's Tears

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Baby's Tears (Soleirolia soleirolii) is a mat-forming tropical perennial with many tiny leaves. It's often confused as a type of moss although it comes from the nettle family.


Its leaves grow on short, fleshy stems and are usually round or slightly bean-shaped. These leaves will grow to form a dense mat, which makes for perfect ground cover.


Baby's Tears are easy to grow for beginners, but they need regular attention to look their best.




These plants don't like to dry out, so make sure you keep their soil moist. They'll wilt when they're thirsty, but they should recover in a day or two after a good drink. 


It's okay if the top layer of soil dries out in between watering, but make sure the soil around their root is always moist. 


Give them plenty of water during spring and summer, and less in the colder months. 




Too much direct sunlight can scorch Baby's Tears' delicate leaves. They'll be happy in a spot with dappled or filtered bright light. 


If you're placing yours outdoors, make sure you choose a shadier location. 




Baby's Tears like high humidity (at least 75%). This makes them ideal for steamy bathrooms or a kitchen. If you live in a drier environment, these plants will live happily in a humid terrarium.


They can tolerate light frost, but extreme conditions will kill the plant's top growth. This will grow back when the temperature rises again. 


Plant type


Herbaceous perennial

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