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Pelargonium 'Lemon Fresh' (medium)

Pelargonium 'Lemon Fresh' (medium)

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This scented geranium boasts interestingly-shaped leaves and produces small, edible flowers, making them pollinator-friendly!


Pelargoniums are fairly easy to care for and can be kept both in and outdoors. 


The lemon scent from the leaves can be extracted by layering a few in a jar with castor sugar. Simply kept sealed for a week and then use the sugar to make delicious cakes and biscuits. You could also use the sugar to make syrup for pouring over ice cream or adding to fizzy water and ice for a refreshing drink. The edible flowers are also loved by bees.




They're relatively drought-tolerant and are best when watered from the bottom up. Make sure you let them dry out in-between watering. And, in the colder months, just keep the soil moist and they'll be happy!




These geraniums do best in bright light and will need a good amount of direct winter sun if grown indoors.  


If you're planting yours in a garden, a few hours of direct sunshine will be enough. These plants aren't big fans of direct, all-day sunlight.




The average room offers great humidity for scented geraniums. You can give them a gentle hose down every month to hydrate their leaves and get rid of any lingering dust. 


Plant type




Pet and baby safe?


Yes, mildly to animals.



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