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Billbergia nutans 'Queen's Tears' (small)

Billbergia nutans 'Queen's Tears' (small)

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These plants come from Brazil and Argentina where they can be found growing on tree trunks or in the cracks between rocks. 


In warmer conditions, they flower and produce pink, green and blue tubular flowers with yellow anthers. 




They don't like to sit in wet compost, so make sure your billbergia lives in a pot with drainage holes. Check the soil before watering and give it a drink if the top layer is dry.

You don't need to water them much in the colder months. And, in their natural habitat, they can grow without their roots in the soil, so they're used to lower levels of moisture. 




These plants enjoy bright, indirect light, so make sure you choose a spot with filtered or dappled light – too much direct sun can scorch their leaves!




If you're growing your billbergia indoors, make sure you give it a spritz every so often. This will keep the leaves hydrated and offer a good level of humidity. 


Plant type


Evergreen perennial


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