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Easy-going and low maintenance, Tradescantia plants are fast-growing vining plants perfect for shelves and hangers.



To keep soil evenly moist, a regular watering schedule is best.


Water until water drains through the bottom of the pot, taking care that your plant doesn't sit in water.




Tradescantia like a good amount of bright, indirect light. If they don’t get it, you’ll notice that their leaf markings begin to fade.


Don't put them in a spot with too much direct sunlight though as this can scorch their leaves.




Tradescantia love moisture. Don’t ever let your plant get too dry, especially in winter.

Plant type


Herbaceous, perennial.


Pet and baby safe?


No, mildly toxic to humans and pets.



    All Plants are Unique

    The plant you purchase may not be the one in the picture. If its not as you thought it would be. Let us know.

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