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Trailing Ice Plant (Lampranthus Spectabilis)

Trailing Ice Plant (Lampranthus Spectabilis)

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The Trailing Ice Plant is a perennial, which means it'll grow back each year. 


They grow in a carpet of juicy, green/grey succulent leaves, covering any surface in their way. 


In cooler climates (such as the UK) it produces daisy-like blooms in vibrant colours from early summer to early autumn.


You can also grow this plant in containers or hanging baskets, which will give a beautiful display in the warmer months!




Trailing Ice Plants don't need much water, even during the growing season!


Make sure you put your plant in well-draining soil. It's also important that their soil drains fast as its growing will suffer if conditions are too wet.




Grows best in full sun with dry, well-draining soil. A cactus potting mix would work well!




Trailing Ice Plants do best in a warm spot, but can also tolerate light frost if grown outside.


Plant type


Cactus, succulent, perennial.


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