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These plants are native to the hot deserts of America and Mexico.


They're fairly easy to care for, making them the perfect (yet striking!) low-maintenance houseplant. 




Let your yucca dry out between watering and make sure it doesn't sit in water – this can cause its roots to rot!




These plants love the sun! If growing indoors, a south-facing window is ideal in the summer. In the winter, an east or west-facing window is great. 


Light shade is needed from direct summer sun and good air flow will offer some relief in high temperatures. 




Your home's standard humidity levels are ideal! You can occasionally mist them, but it's not essential. 


Plant type


Perennial shrub or tree. 


Pet and baby safe?





    All Plants are Unique

    The plant you purchase may not be the one in the picture. If its not as you thought it would be. Let us know.

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