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Our vision

Creating community resilience, health and wellbeing through food, education, social enterprise and community collaboration. 

About us

The Wolves Lane Centre is a unique place in the heart of Wood Green in North London. We are a horticultural centre and community food growing hub with a mission to make good food accessible to all. We grow and distribute sustainably produced food and plants, and offer a hub for education, enterprise and community events. 


We have two thriving growing sites in the heart of Haringey - one at Pasture Gardens and another at Wolves Lane. The Centre has been nurtured by consortium organisations, the Ubele Initiative and Organiclea, dedicated Centre staff and passionate volunteers since 2017. The Centre is home to Blackrootz, the first multigenerational Black-led growing project in the UK, where the older generation share their expertise on growing whilst also supporting youth engagement in their surrounding natural environment.


Our Wolves Lane site boasts a flourishing Cactus House and Palm House, complete with a koi pond and our resident terrapin turtles. Come and explore the site for free on Fridays and Sundays from 10am to 3pm where you can also indulge in our delicious vegan lunch from our pay-what-you-can-afford cafe and take home our locally grown plants and produce from our shop. 


We have so much to offer from volunteering, career opportunities, horticultural courses, venue higher and community events. Get in touch and sign up to our newsletter to join the Wolves Lane Centre community today.  

The consortium

OrganicLea and the Ubele Initiative formed a coalition with a shared vision to transform Wolves Lane into a community food hub and to preserve the extensive rare urban glasshouse infrastructure. The Wolves Lane Consortium was officially established in May 2019.

OrganicLea offering support from experience of running a community enterprise in food growing and training at Hawkwood Nursery.

The Ubele Initiative is an African Diaspora led intergenerational social enterprise founded in 2014, with the purpose of helping to build more sustainable communities across the UK. They support a wide range of communities, community-based organisations and groups with their community assets through social action, community enterprise development and next-generation leadership initiatives.


Find us

Wolves Lane Centre, N22 5AA



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